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Your ecommerce website’s product pages are the pivotal points between search engines and social media to your site, and you getting paid.

This makes your product pages highly important, and worthy of your attention to start optimising and to get right – how you structure your product pages will make the difference between a successful ecommerce site and a stagnant one.

While getting your online store set up and running is no longer a difficult thing to do these days, we at Bode Contagion have found while working with many ecommerce brands that not many of them started their websites with their product pages set up for success.

As an online store owner, your goal is to make your product pages more enticing and easy to use to provide customers with absolute confidence to buy from you, and a smooth user experience to do so effortlessly.

This multi-part series will cover every element of what a product page should contain, and all of the important things to consider for each of those elements.

Instalment Outline

Over the next few weeks, we will bring you the following multi-part post instalments:

  • Part 1: “Above-the-Fold” or top of page elements
  • Part 2: “Below-the-Fold” elements


This multi-part series is relevant for you if you’re currently using Shopify, WooCommerce or any other popular ecommerce website system.

Ideally, you have started up your ecommerce store or online shop and have your products added to your site.

This multi-part series is particularly for you if you have started selling your products in your online store and seeing some results, but are feeling underwhelmed by the number of sales that you have made.

After completing this multi-part series, I encourage you to make note of all of your major takeaways from what we will share here, so that you can apply these changes to your website, one by one.

If you’re an online store owner and are itching right now to get some answers on how to improve your website, you can give us a call or send us a quick email to reach out to us.